Notice to recruit officers in 2017


Based on the actual needs and the recruitment plan for 2017, the Center for Rehabilitation and Disability Support Announces 2017 Employee Recruitment:

1. Recruitment criteria:

Recruit 20 indicators, of which:

a. Employment position associated with job title
– Doctor (class III) 01 indicator
– Medical Technology (Category IV) 04 indicators
– Nursing (grade IV) 02 indicators
– Kindergarten teacher (grade II) 02 indicators
– Kindergarten teacher (grade III) 03 indicators
– Social work (grade III) 02 indicators

b. Job placement associated with support, service
– Expert 03 indicators
– Accountant 02 indicators
– Intermediate accountant 01 criteria

2. Conditions and criteria for recruitment

The following conditions are eligible for participation:
a. Having Vietnamese nationality and residing in Vietnam;
b. From full 18 years of age;
c. Application form available;
d. Have a clear background;
e. Sufficient to perform work or duties;
f. Having diplomas, training certificates and practicing certificates suitable to the job placement positions;
g. Specialized training requirements for each position (attached appendix);
h. For doctors (grade III), social work (grade III), accountant (code 06.031), specialist (code 01.003):
– English equivalent level B;
– Informatics Office Level B.
i. Not currently being examined for penal liability or serving court sentences or decisions on criminal matters; They are being subjected to administrative sanctions to be sent to medical treatment establishments, educational institutions or reformatories.

Other conditions as required by the unit:

– Knowledge of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs;
– Ability or experience in the field of care for children with disabilities;
– love the job, skill, good communication skills, have a spirit of love for children;
Ability to withstand work pressure when dealing with children with disabilities, children with mental health problems, behavioral disorders;
– Have the desire to stick and work long with the unit.

3. Application file, including:

– Application form (according to set form);
– An autograph resume (photo attached) certified by the competent body within 6 months, up to the date of submission of the application;
– Copies of training diplomas, certificates and transcripts of study results at the request of the candidate positions and authenticated by the competent agencies. Where a diploma issued by a foreign establishment must be notarized or translated into Vietnamese;
– A valid health certificate issued by a health authority qualified for a health certificate, in accordance with Circular 14/2013 / TT-BYT;
– Certificates of priority in recruiting officials (if any), which are certified by competent agencies or organizations;
– 02 stamped envelopes with full details of recipients, 02 photos of 4 x 6.

4. Form of recruitment: Selection

5. Priority in recruiting: (in order of priority)

– Hero of Armed Forces, Labor Hero;
– Veterans;
– Policy beneficiaries like war invalids;
– the fallen heroes;
– The wounded son;
– Children of policy beneficiaries like war invalids;
– Ethnic minorities;
– Youth volunteer team;
– Young knowledge volunteers who participate in rural and mountainous development from 24 months or more have completed their duties;
– The person has completed military service;
– Candidates are female.

6. Time and place to apply:

– Deadline for submissions from March 27, 2017 to April 21, 2017 (Candidates coming directly at the filing place during working hours on working days)
– Location:
– Department of Organization – Administration – Administration, Center for Rehabilitation and Disabled Children;
– 38 Tu Xuong Street, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City;
– Phone: 08 39325786

7. Fee for admission: Candidates pay fees in accordance with the regulations is 260,000 VND / person (submitted together with the application).

8. Time and location of selection:

– The application period will be notified by text message or telephone to candidates who apply for admission.
– Location: Rehabilitation and Disability Support Center;
– Address: 38 Tu Xuong, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City;
– All information related to the recruitment please contact: Mr. Tran Viet Hai – Head of Finance & Accounting, phone: 08 39320845, mobile: 091 8688844

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